Sharebot Viper

Sharebot VIPER is equipped with an extruder that can reach temperatures up to 300 °C. Finely pre-calibrated, it allows to obtain prints of exceptional quality and excellent dimensional accuracy. Even an hard to print material such as ABS will not be subject to warping with consequent detachment from the build plate of Sharebot VIPER. Thanks to the possibility of purchasing a nozzle upgrade kit, you can experiment with different extrusion diameters, ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm.

The Flexible Magnetic Plate KIT available for Sharebot VIPER allows easy removal of printed models. In fact, it will be possible to completely extract the printing plate and, by performing a slight bending, remove the printed pieces without the need to use any additional tools. The installed Build Tape also has a special texture that guarantees the attachment of the models to the plate without the use of adhesives.

Thanks to the Ethernet or Wifi connection it can be integrated into your production system and be part of your insdustry 4.0 smart factory.

Main features
Suitable for building objects for small productions even with technical materials; accurate and affordable, with all the requirements of Industry 4.0. Easy to maintain thanks to an essential and not complex mechanics.

EPA filters minimize micro- and nano-particle emissions for a healthier work environment.

The removable magnetic plate ensures the easy detachment of built objects from the printing surface.

Technical support and warranty are always handled by our technicians. A special training session can be carried out by our engineers who can participate in solving specific problems.

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