Our Service


Home delivery of products is understood to be to street level, save for specific indications. Home delivery is carried out from Mondays to Fridays during standard office hours (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), excluding national holidays.

Orders will be delivered via express courier in a variable period of between 1 and 5 working days from the moment of ordering or from the moment in which products not currently in stock are once again available.


Right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.

If an article purchased is defective or does not comply with the description on the website, customers have the right to free repair or replacement with products of the same type (when available), or to a refund of the price paid from I-Tool S.r.l. Legal warranties are applicable in the event of nonconformities that emerge within 12 months of the date of consignment of the product.

The following are accepted reasons for return:
  • The article is defective or does not function.
  • The product and its shipping packaging are both damaged.
  • The article sent is incorrect.
  • An article that was not ordered has been received (no refund necessary).
  • In compliance with the aforementioned conditions, I-Tool S.r.l. will accept returns on the condition that returned products are complete, whole and unused.

In the majority of cases, refunds are credited within 7 working days from the moment in which the returned item has reached the I-Tool S.r.l. logistics centre.


Registration with the website is free of charge. In order to register with the website, users with VAT numbers must fill in the dedicated form, providing name, surname, email address, Tax Code, VAT number and a password, and then click on the “Create an account” button.

Registration with the website allows users to access a personal and reserved area and carry out the following activities, among others:
  • Check the status of orders.
  • View order history.
  • Read any messages.
  • Use any current promotions.
  • Access after-sales assistance.
  • Manage and modify personal data at any time.
  • Add, modify or remove saved credit cards.
  • Use dedicated services made available by I-Tool S.r.l.